Student Stories

The well-rounded journey at CUHK

Ms. Avon Guu, PACC student from Taiwan

The well-rounded journey at CUHK has enabled me to explore my true interests and new fields. Over the past years, CUHK granted me numerous opportunities for gaining international exposure, including the experience of studying at University of Oxford and taking a summer internship in Melbourne. What’s more, I was impressed by the curriculum offered by CUHK Business School. During the lectures, we were able to interact with practitioners from relevant fields as well as deal with real-life cases to keep up with the market trends. The most memorable project was the one we cooperated with Cathay Pacific to design a new marketing campaign, which was led by Prof. Tingting Fan.

To me, what university has taught me the most is the importance of networking. I would like to thank all the professors that have guided me along the way and helped me set my career goal, in particular Mr. Eric LeungDr. YY Butt and Dr. Anthony Law. Besides, I have learnt a lot from my friends and classmates, who are talented, diligent and warm-hearted. The people I met, and the experience I went through at CUHK have cultivated me to become a better person.