Global Accounting Stream

Global Accounting Stream


In light of the increasingly complex business environment besieged with unpredictable changes, many corporations realised that they need to be more sensitive to global issues including corporate governance, sustainability reporting, regulations and risk management. To maintain and promote the sustainability of the Hong Kong economy, it is vital to nurture talents with a global way of thinking and equip students with the abilities of coping with changes.

The Global Accounting (GA) stream has been offered since 2013-14. This stream offers an opportunity for elite accounting students to acquire a global mindset as well as an understanding of international accounting practices and issues to meet the growing demand for high potential, internationally-oriented business leaders. Students in the GA stream will gain international exposure and practical knowledge through the GA Study Trip, internship training and various non-classroom trainings, with scholarships provided.


The students should be able to:

  1. Strengthen their analytical, problem solving, team-building and leadership skills;
  2. Acquire broad knowledge and exposure on international financial reporting, taxation, finance, economics, corporate governance and the regulatory environment in China, US and other parts of the world;
  3. Have the abilities of identifying and solving global accounting and business problem.
Required (5 units) Elective (9 units), at least one from:
ACCT3004 Accounting Practicum and Experiential Learning ACCT4211 Accounting Information in Capital Market
ACCT4215 Contemporary Accounting Issues in Global Market ACCT4212 China Business Valuation and Analysis
ACCT4213 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
ACCT4221 Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT4231 Internal Auditing and Risk Management
ACCT4232 Forensic Accounting and Audit Analytics
ACCT4242 Accounting Data Analytics for Business
ACCT4243 Data Visualization in Accounting
ACCT4251 Regulation and Compliance in the Financial Markets
ACCT4252 Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring
ACCT4253 Chinese Legal Environment for Business
ACCT4261 Taxes and Business Strategy
ACCT4262 China Taxation
ACCT4263 International Taxation
ACCT4271 Corporate Governance
ACCT4281 Applied Accounting and Financial Strategy
ACCT4282 Reporting Issues in the Financial Service Industry
ACCT4244 Blockchain Fundamentals for Accountants
ACCT4272 ESG and Sustainability Accounting
At least one from:
DSME3050 Global Economics
FINA3020 International Finance
MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management
MGNT4150 Global Strategy
MGNT4510 China Business
MGNT4540 Asian Business
MGNT4570 Global Entrepreneurship
MKTG4070 Marketing in China
MKTG4140 Global Business Services

All PACC year 2 students are eligible to apply. Admission interviews will be conducted during first term. Results will be announced at the commencement of second term.