Student Stories

Companion with experienced and generous mentors

Ms. Sharie Kong , PACC student

Looking back at my CUHK journey, Mr. Eric Leung, our programme director influenced me the most. I participated in PACC’s admission talk in the last year of my secondary school life. At that time, I was confused and not sure which subject I should study at university. It was Eric who told us at the talk that “accounting is the cornerstone of the business world which can help you excel in various industries”. I am open to possibilities, and hence I chose PACC. During my days at CUHK, I got numerous chances to speak to and learn from him, including my participation in the accounting society and the admission process of the Global Accounting Stream, etc. He encouraged me to grab every opportunity and be bold for not following the norms. Seeking advice from experienced and generous mentors like him really helped me a lot in starting off my career.
The most unforgettable experience at CUHK would be my tenure at the accounting society. Being an external vice president with the experience of working with 14 talented young people have pushed me to grow and learn. I tried many new things and developed various skills during my tenure, including organising a large-scale orientation camp and networking with prominent business professionals. These experiences have also trained me to become a better member of the society, and I have learnt a lot about team collaboration, working attitudes and communications skills. This is the most precious takeaway from my university life.