Student Stories

A Remarkable Experiential Learning – The Shanghai Study Trip

Mr. William Chow, PACC student

I am honored that I have a chance to write a sharing about the Shanghai study trip. This trip is prepared by Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SUFE), Shanghai National Accounting Institute and the School of Accountancy. In this 13 days, I visited a number of places and received hospitality from SUFE. I learnt practical knowledge through lectures and activities held by SUFE at the same time I had pretty of fun in this place with my friends. Shanghai is a place where memories keep in my heart and smiles bring on my faces.

SUFE arranged tons of meaningful and fruitful events for me and my fellow. At first, I took lectures regarding renminbi development and business-related topics. These seminars were insightful and useful both in personally growth and career development. Other than the lectures I attended, I joined a full day workshop in Shanghai National Accounting Institute teaching XBRL. XBRL is known as eXtensible Business Reporting Language which is a freely available and global standard for exchanging business information. I was told that XBRL takes months in order to master the skill and practice. I realized how shallow I am after finished the intensive workshop. There was new knowledge invented in an eye blink which everyone should work hard to maintain competitiveness.

After attended the workshops and lectures, SUFE organized firm visit for me and my fellows. We went to PwC Shanghai office. PwC was one of the “Big 4” in accounting industry. I worked as an intern in PwC Hong Kong, so I exchanged the working environment and culture with the staff in PwC Shanghai. Not surprisingly there were lot of similarities between Hong Kong and Shanghai that both places maintained high standard and competence. It was happy moment having a conversation with my ex-colleges. Also, we visited other firms which are fascinating. Yet SAIC Volkswagen impressed me. It is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Anting, China and a joint venture between Volkswagen Group and SAIC Motor. The staff in Volkswagen introduced the production procedures and production line to us. The sophisticated automated production machine and strictly enforced quality check changed my perception upon the inferior image towards Chinese product.